How to choose the right hair brush?

Choosing the right comb is essential for beautiful hair. Most customers choose a comb based solely on visual preference, thus making a serious mistake. Attractive design does not guarantee quality detangling. Moreover, behind the colorful shape are often hidden products made of low-quality materials that can cause irreparable damage to the structure of the hair.

At first glance, any hairbrush performs only one obvious task. But you should not jump to conclusions. In addition to its practical purpose, a hairbrush can both give your hair additional attractiveness and, on the contrary, make them completely unsightly. For this reason, the choice of this beauty tool should be treated with special care.

The ideal device can be found both by experience and with the help of ready-made recommendations of experts who have studied in detail the varieties of modern combs and the degree of their impact on different types of hair. The primary role in assessing the usefulness of the product is played by the material from which it is made. Let’s talk about what properties each of the surfaces has, paying special attention to the negative characteristics.

Choosing the perfect hairbrush by material type.

  1. Wooden comb – gives hair a special silkiness, has an antistatic effect, and also gently treats the ends of the hair. The main disadvantage of the product is considered its short life and the need for too painstaking cleaning.
  2. Metal comb – purchase with the longest possible operation, but an obvious disadvantage in the form of the ability to traumatize the scalp. Another disadvantage of the device – incompatibility with a hair dryer and other electrical appliances.
  3. Plastic comb – a budget option, as convenient as possible in operation and cleaning. Among the negative characteristics of the product note the fragility of the product, as well as the ability to provoke the appearance of split ends.
  4. Silicone comb – a godsend for long hair, as well as any other length that is prone to tangling. Such samples are well combed, compatible with a hair dryer, do not scratch the scalp (moreover, such combs are ideal for massage), but at the same time have a relatively high cost.
  5. Carbon comb – a product made of carbon fiber with ceramic spraying, which has a whole complex of positive characteristics. Carbon combs can have anti-static effect, do not traumatize the structure of hair and scalp, do not react to chemical products for hair, are safe in combination with hair dryers / irons and are ready to serve their owners for the longest period of time.
  6. Ceramic comb – an expensive device, regular use of which gives hair a noticeable shine and smoothness. Ceramic surface is most often used in combs “brushing”, which are used for home or salon styling.

Thus, choosing the right beauty tool is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Even if you are not familiar with the products of trusted manufacturers and are not ready to monitor hundreds of reviews on the network, to make the right purchase can only be based on the quality characteristics of the material from which the comb is made.

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