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The appearance of the first teeth is an event that parents await with anticipation and dread. After all, it is not only an indicator of maturation, but also a process accompanied by pain and discomfort. Once friendly baby becomes irritable. He does not eat well, or even refuses to eat at all. Even the favorite breast milk does not save. The child stops sleeping peacefully at night and forgets about daytime sleep. Often the situation is aggravated by fever and gastrointestinal disorders. How to help the baby?

It is necessary to show resilience and patience. The caprices of the child can make any parent mad. It is important to remember that the baby is not just malicious. At this point, he is very bad. Spiritual balance and confident behavior of the mother – the main conditions for successfully overcoming difficulties.

Calm, only calm

Keep composure and a favorable atmosphere in the house. In periods of particular irritability of the child is important to use any opportunity for rest:

– sleep when the baby sleeps;
– do not reject the help of loved ones;
– find an opportunity to distract from the care of the child and be alone.
Walks in the fresh air

Another effective way to alleviate the condition of the baby. Daily spending at least 2-3 hours outdoors is a mandatory item in the child’s regimen. Especially with the exacerbation of pain against the background of teething.

Distracting actions

It is necessary to try to replace discomfort with more pleasant sensations:

  • distract with a funny toy;
  • learn a new game;
  • read;
  • make a lively fuss;
  • dance or sing a song;
  • cuddling and rocking.

Every mom has a whole arsenal of such techniques.

Professional help

The achievements of modern medicine will also help in the fight against pain. Pharmacies provide a wide range of drugs that relieve inflammation. However, it is up to a specialist – a pediatrician or a pediatric dentist – to choose the right drug.

Along with medicines, pharmacies and children’s stores sell teething teasers. The baby, which during this period even more often than usual, all pulls in the mouth, such products will help to alleviate the condition and reduce pain. Of course, in practice, it often happens that the interest in them the child shows only once, and after a single use of a new “toy” forgets about it. But if the teether will ease the baby’s condition, it is likely that he will reach for it again and again. It can be replaced by a piece of apple or carrot, as well as the usual drying. Here it is important that the baby is not allergic to these products.

Oral care and massage of the gums – another important moment. Experts advise starting it 1-2 months before the first tooth comes out. Thus, it is a good habit to start brushing your teeth on time from such an early age.

This is just a small list of practical tips to relieve the pain of teething. However, do not write off the poor health of the baby only on this factor. If the ailment does not go away or is accompanied by fever, it is better to consult a doctor.

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