How to avoid skin irritation and inflammation after depilation

Depilation is a grooming procedure that is popular among women of different ages. This procedure is carried out in different ways: sugar paste, melted wax or wax strips. But it all unites one result – the hairs are removed from the follicles.

For the skin, this procedure is always painful. Even if everything is done correctly, and there is no visible damage to the skin, after a while irritation and inflammation may appear on the skin. This indicates that the skin gave a reaction to the removal of hairs.

This reaction can last up to two weeks. And as a result, instead of smooth skin, will get aesthetically unattractive skin with redness and rashes.

But such a reaction can be prevented. To do this should:

  • Before starting the procedure, scrub the desired area.
  • This will exfoliate the keratinized skin and make the skin more pliable.

Massage the skin

This will promote blood flow to the desired area, which means the procedure will be less painful.

Treat the skin with antiseptic before and after the procedure
More often than not, inflammation appears on the skin, as bacteria get into the open follicles after the removal of hairs and create inflammation.

After the procedure, treat the skin areas with soothing products

Usually, after the depilation procedure, the skin is treated with balms containing aloe vera, chamomile mint, melissa. Also work well against inflammation means containing panthenol.

In addition to treating the skin to avoid irritation and inflammation should follow a few recommendations after depilation.

  • During the day do not wear tight clothing and underwear.

Wearing such clothes is not recommended for everyday wear, but after depilation it is strictly forbidden. In consequence of friction with the cloth, the traumatized skin will become inflamed.

  • Limit trips to baths, saunas

You can not go to such places for a day after the procedure. This is also due to the fact that at high temperatures, the skin pores expand, and for and so open follicles – this is fraught with infection with microbes. Already after a day, all restrictions are removed, but at the same time there are no inflammations on the skin.

If you adhere to these rules, depilation will be successful, the effect of smoothness will please for a long time, and irritation in inflammation will not occur.

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