How do you teach your child to tell time on a clock?

Learning can start at the age of 3. A clock with large numbers should be hung in the house so that the child can see it all the time.

Start with the present, future and past tenses.

Present now we’re going for a walk. Future tomorrow we will eat soup. Past we played ball. When the child understands the difference, we begin to teach counting. Only after mastering counting, you can go further.

Buy or make a toy dial, where you can twist the hands. For quality learning, everything should be bright, as children like. Explain which hand shows the hours and which hand shows the minutes. The second hand will be discussed later so as not to confuse the child. Show how to move clockwise and counterclockwise. Explain that the hands on the clock move only clockwise and pass over the dial 2 times per day.

How to teach minutes Explain that there are 60 minutes in an hour. So the hand must go 60 laps. Move the hand by minutes 5, 10, 15. And each time add 5 minutes until it reaches 60, then start over. Be sure to internalize 30 minutes is half an hour.

A modern method – online games with the clock. You don’t even need to download anything, just type in a search engine.

Ask questions and practice with the dial. Ask them to show you 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock. Then connect the minute hand. Do not torture the child, time is a complex concept. But you can’t start the process.

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