Hairstyle Braids Tutorial: Short Knotless + Curls

This hairstyle features elegant short knotless braids with curls, offering a sophisticated and versatile look. The hairstyle combines the sleekness of knotless braids with the playful bounce of curls, resulting in a “goddess look” that adds texture and dimension. Perfect for those seeking a protective style that doesn’t compromise on style, this hairdo is both trendy and timeless. By incorporating pre-stretched hair for the braids and adding curly pieces either mid-braid or using a crochet technique, this style ensures a seamless blend between the braids and curls, providing a natural and cohesive appearance.

Step-by-Step Instructions


  • Begin by thoroughly shampooing the client’s hair to ensure it’s clean and free from any buildup.
  • Apply a heat protectant generously throughout the hair to shield it from potential heat damage during the blow-drying process.
  • Blow-dry the hair completely, ensuring it’s dry and manageable for braiding. Use a paddle brush or comb attachment for smooth results.

Parting and Sectioning

  • Start by parting the hair into sections where the braids will be placed. Use a rat-tail comb for precision.
  • Apply a small amount of braiding gel or pomade to the roots of each section to tame flyaways and ensure a sleek base for each braid.

Braiding Process

  • Begin the braiding process by taking a small section of the pre-stretched hair and integrating it with the client’s natural hair to start the knotless braid.
  • For each braid, gradually add more pre-stretched hair as you work down to ensure the braid is thick and uniform from root to tip.
  • To achieve the goddess look, incorporate curly pieces into the braids at various points. This can be done mid-braid by adding a curly piece and braiding it in with the pre-stretched hair.
  • If a section is missed, use a crochet needle to pull through a curly piece at the desired point along the braid.

Finishing Touches

  • Once all the braids are complete, use flexi rods to add curls to the ends of the braids if necessary. This enhances the curly effect and ensures a polished finish.
  • Style the edges with a mini flat iron to create sleek and defined baby hairs, adding to the overall elegance of the hairstyle.
  • Dip the ends of the braids in hot water to seal them. This step not only helps to set the braids but also enhances the curls, giving them a more lasting hold.

Final Styling:

  • Remove the flexi rods after the hair has cooled down and carefully separate the curls to add volume and texture.
  • Apply a light oil or serum to the braids and curls for added shine and a healthy glow.

Following these steps will result in a beautiful short knotless braids with curls hairstyle, embodying a blend of traditional braiding techniques with a modern twist for a truly unique and eye-catching look.




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