Children and parents. Relationships in the family

The atmosphere within the family is one of the most important components in the life of every person, and in the case of the relationship between children and parents, it forms the character of the future personality.

Each family is unique and individual, here interpersonal relations are built in accordance with its own, unique model of behavior, as well as forming its own methods of raising children.

The main ways of bringing up children:

  • parents are the undoubted authority, their opinion is unquestionable;
  • democracy reigns in the relationship between parents and children, all issues are solved by agreement;
  • the child has maximum freedom and tacitly controls all family members.

Of course, there are no clear boundaries of families falling under these criteria, and in different situations, adults and children can show different patterns of behavior. But, nevertheless, for peace and tranquility in the family, and most importantly, in order to grow a full-fledged personality, in relationships with children should observe certain rules.

Rules of successful relationships in the family

The basis of a prosperous relationship between parents and children is mutual respect. Do not suppress the child’s personality, it is best to treat him as an adult. Ask for his opinion on any issues, consult, give responsible tasks. The child, as any member of the family should have their own rights and responsibilities, then he will feel more confident not only in the family, but also in society.

The authority of parents is very important, but it should be manifested not in dictatorship towards the child, but in their own behavior. It is no secret that children copy the behavior of parents, so the most important thing in the family is to give a positive example. It is important to cause respect for the child, not his fear.

Do not fulfill all the desires of the child, this can have a detrimental effect not only on his behavior now, but also on his future attitude to life. It is best to set certain limits from early childhood, then he will know what is possible and what is not. At this stage, trusting communication is very important, sometimes the demands of children come only from a lack of attention.

Thus, in order for there to be an atmosphere of mutual understanding in the family, you need the friendly support of each of its members, including the child. It is important to remember that the family is a support for a person and it is there that everyone draws his or her strength.

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